Hey there, I'm Dave and I write code for a living. Born in London, Ontario and mostly raised in Guelph, Ontario.

In my spare time, I'm checking out the latest kicks, fashion and cool new tech.


I worked freelance throughout college and a few month afterwards. My first office job out of college was mainly working with WordPress (which I worked with extensively through freelance). Everything from individual websites to managing multi-site instances with 1000+ websites. I created tools to help veterinarians and pet owners alike. Some legacy and some from scratch. Being truly passionate for technology and innovation, I always pushed to introduce the latest and greatest into our platform. Whether it was frameworks, tools, resources or a complete architecture overhaul. I even got a chance to work with a private IBM Watson instance. I spent almost three years working in the animal health technology industry. Going from me and two other devs working on different sides of the company to leading a unified team of ten by the time I left.


I was given the opportunity to become one of the lead developers helping build the next generation platform at one of Canada's largest banks. A brand new office completed in September 2015. I loved the idea of being able to cultivate our own tech culture in that space outside of what people usually think of banks. The growth was steady and it is almost at capacity. I also volunteer and help organize monthly tech socials in the Kitchener-Waterloo region through HackerNest. I've been doing this since September 2014. HackerNest allows me to meet the people and learn more about the tech community in the region. I can finally say I'm a part of that community.